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Hotel Ca Maria Adele Venice

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Ca Maria Adele is found inside the antique walls of an historic 16th Century palazzo, now completely remodelled, its surrounding environment and history have been preserved beautifully.

The Ca Maria Adele looks onto a picturesque view of a canal and looks directly over the glorious church of Santa Maria della Salute. This is one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods of Venice and to be thoroughly enjoyed by foot.

From the hotel, it is very conveinient to arrive in San Marco Square by either public or private transportation, thanks to the easy access boat stop outside the lobby. Ca Maria Adele was decorated with a combination of attractive styles by mixing the typical style of the fabrics called "damaschi" with the ethnic feeling of African wood furniture. All together gives the ambiance a surprisingly pleasant effect.

Ca Maria Adele is designed and operated for adults seeking a romantic getaway only, so we have no facilities and spaces for babies or children.

Breakfast Room
The comfortable breakfast room welcomes you on the first floor of Ca' Maria Adele to wish you a special good morning before setting forth on your magic adventure along the enchanting ?calli' (narrow streets typical of Venice) and campi (squares) of Venice. From its terrace you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Church ?Santa Maria della Salute', and its stately domes will surely make your awakening unique. Precious damask tapestries and a wonderful, original chandelier from Murano create the ideal atmosphere to taste the specialities of Ca' Maria Adele, cooked daily with fresh and genuine ingredients, and meant to meet any alimentary requirement.

Here is a new space to be enjoyed for breakfast, but ideal also for a drink, sitting among cushions covered with Oriental silks. The atmosphere of this open, public area is inspired to Morocco, its vivid colours and warm hues, lighted by the famous lanterns with multi-coloured glasses. From this romantic and exotic atmosphere rises still another harmony, a further matching of elements, meant to make your stay at Ca' Maria Adele special and new from every point of view.

Welcome! As soon as you enter the door of Ca' Maria Adele, you will be plunged into the atmosphere of this luxurious Venetian residence. The two entrances, one from the land and one from the water, reflect the richness in contrasts and emotions of the place that is hosting you, and of the town to which it belongs. The precious, typically Venetian ceiling with wooden rafters dating back to the 16th century creates a contrast with the modern design of the reception, with its modern design and African wood. On the one side, you will see the enchanting, ancient façade of "Santa Maria della Salute", on the other side the modern rendering of white marble matched with crystal, building the lovely stairs which lead to the intimacy of the rooms on the upper floors. The sight of real boats sliding along the canal at your side alternates with an internal waterway where two astonishing boats quietly float, and here you can take place and begin your tour of one of the most enchanting towns in the world, bearing in your mind that Venice has a watery soul.

Lounge Living Room
The versatile style of Ca Maria Adele is at its best in the intimate and elegant living room facing the bridge in front of the palace. The fascinating Bohemian atmosphere of the hall is enlivened by a few original and surprising decorative elements, like the tatami floor, the special fur-like wall paper, the 19th century black marble fireplace, the Moresque style lamps decorated with marabou feathers and Swarosky crystals.

While comfortably seated on horse fur sofas you can admire an interesting collection of ancient Doge pictures or enjoy the majestic view of the church Chiesa Santa Maria della Salute. In this French ambiance you can also enjoy a drink or a cocktail while reading or chatting with your travel mates and thus end one of your Venetian evenings.


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